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Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Training for NLP Practitioners and above in North Shields

The Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is open to holders of an NLP Practitioner Certificate or above. The course has been validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, one of the leading Professional bodies, with your NLP qualifications being accepted as Approved Prior Learning. This means we can get straight down to learning about hypnosis and therapeutic change work.

Successful Graduates will be eligible to join the General Hypnotherapy Register, set-up a practice as a Hypnotherapist and use the designated letters Dip.Hyp. after their name after getting suitable Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Whilst the aim of the course is for graduates to set-up as practising hypnotherapist, participants often choose to come to the course purely to gain even better rapport with their own unconscious minds, to discover the potential and possibilities of hypnosis and to make changes in a safe environment, whilst learning specialist skills and to use language even more effectively.

The course includes both Direct and Indirect hypnotic inductions, and the majority of the training will focus on the Indirect style known as Ericksonian Hypnosis; based on the work of Dr M H Erickson one of the major influences on Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their early development of NLP.

You will learn the principals behind some of the major change protocols, including Core Transformation, Drop down and Through, Pseudo Orientation in Time and the Structure of Beliefs all within the frame of the Four Pillars of NLP, Well Formed Outcome, Rapport, Sensory Acuity, Flexibility and with the addition of Clean Language.

2011 Only Special Austerity Price £700 with places strictly limited to 24

There is an additional non-transferable discount to holders of an NLP Northeast, Talisman Training , Communicating Excellence and Integrity NLP qualification of £55, with an early bird discount of £50 if booked by 17 August.

Bringing your investment to an amazing £595

Course dates are:

You will also learn to construct suggestions using both direct language and Ericksonian Language Patterns. In the spirit of “Clean Language” students will also learn how to construct suggestions using the client’s own language both conversationally and in trance for minimum contamination and maximum effect. You will also learn to recognise the building blocks of someone’s model of their world, what I call “The DNA of their Model of the World” and that is their Beliefs. This is from the work of Robert Dilts and later expanded upon by Jonathan Altfeld using Knowledge Engineering, all within the added magical ingredient of “Clean Language” Mind Set.

Due to the nature and subject of the course places are strictly limited to a maximum of 24 participants. This is to ensure sufficient individual attention

If you would like to reserve your place on this course please complete the form below and send it with your deposit cheque of £100 made payable to Empowerment Trainings together with a copy of your NLP Practitioner Certificate to:

Empowerment Trainings, 13 Bridge Road, Weston Super Mare, BS23 3PN

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